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Custom Cycle & Machine


We Are High Performance! If you have been looking for a shop to do your high performance upgrades, you have come to the right place! We have the equipment and the know-how necessary to help you select the right parts to obtain your performance goals. We do all machine work in-house. Our machine shop is equipped with world class machinery. This allows us to hold tolerances as tight as the top Nascar and NHRA teams. This means more power and more consistency. Need pipes and an air cleaner on your new bike? Thinking of a big bore kit later? We can help you make the right selections now so you won't have to "re purchase" parts later. We bring something to the table that no other shop in the area can! Bill Norris, III and I spent 10 years racing rear engine dragsters in NHRA competition. Our championship winning team was one of the most competitive in the region! We apply the knowledge obtained by pushing a Small Block Chevy powered car to 185 mph in 7 seconds on a 1/4 mile track, to your motorcycle! Yeah, sure ...there are plenty of mechanics out there to change your oil or put a set of plugs in your bike. But when you want absolute attention to the kind developed when it is your behind strapped to that 185 mph missile...Then you need us! If you are a fan of NHRA racing then you know that thousandths of a second make a difference. In fact, many racers and tuners approach their cars as though they are a time piece. Each and every piece must be selected, inspected and installed with utmost of care and precision. After all.....we are building a "stopwatch"! This is the key to our success! That mentality is ingrained in us! It is just how we work! So when only the best workmanship will do...we have got you covered! Michael Norris


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